Our Advantages

✦Rich and multiple resources of media and KOLs (Travel bloggers).
✦Strong and tight connections with travel trade.
✦Social media professional in account set up and development.
✦Experienced marketing representatives of hotel groups.
✦Expert in digital marketing, such as social media exposure and management.


Want to Increase Your Branding in China?

✦Stargazer will look after your branding in China, while build and develop public relations between your company and China market.
✦During the branding, Stargazer will aim at promoting the public awareness of your products and services as well as maintaining a good corporate image.

Want to Expose Your Products/ Services to Chinese?

✦Stargazer will expose your products or services to target customers by digital marketing.
✦Digital marketing includes social media accounts set up and management, online interaction with KOLs etc., which is an efficient and economical way to communicate with potential customers.

Want to Develop Partnership with China Travel Trade?

✦Stargazer will establish, enlarge or strengthen your cooperation channels with China travel trade.
✦Stargazer will select and evaluate the optimal business partners in China travel market for you.


KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders)

✦ Influencer Marketing
✦ Hot Destination Branding
✦ Easy Touch with Audiences

Digital Marketing

✦ Digital Platforms Design & Maintenance
✦ H5/ Mini Programs/ Wechat Account
✦ Digital Promotion

Sales Missions

✦ Discover Potential Clients
✦ Build Sales Network in China
✦ Fresh Marketing Dynamics

Media Relations & Media Exposure

✦ Efficient Media Exposure
✦ Media FAM Trips
✦ Rich Media Relations