Special Recommendation
1. KOLs (Key Point Leaders)
 KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) are active media users who have influence in social media platform.
It is a popular & integrated way for destination branding.
 KOLs can connect and relate to their audience in a way that’s intimate and authentic than mass media.
Stargazer could:
a) Recommend & contact proper KOLs
b) Organize the KOL event (FAM trip or seminar).
c) Follow up KOLs’ media exposure including: posting pictures, travel notes, video on different social media.
d) Media platform includes WeChat, Weibo, Mafengwo, Qyer, etc.

Sales Missions
 Sales mission and seminar could help you to connect clients with potential buyers in China market.
 Every sales mission tends to maximize your benefit in your limited time.
 Whatever you need, tailored sales service is ready whenever and wherever.
Stargazer could:
a) Organize road show/promotion meetings
b) Arrange sales call & visit in your business trip to China.
c) Immediate crisis management for your China business via digital media.
d) Provide instant marketing researches/Feedback practical data.

3.Media Relations & Media Exposure
 Rich resources of media and KOLs could help your destination increases popularity.
 Inviting Media to have a familiarization trip to your destination, and the media will return with detailed introduction and media exposure.
Stargazer could:

a) Design efficient media exposure plan for your destination.
b) Recommend & contact media.
c) Follow up media exposure.
d) Media includes newspaper, magazine, website, weibo, etc.

4.Digital Marketing
Website/H5 /Game/ E-learning system/ Mini Programs

Digital marketing is a practical activity that uses digital platform to promote product and service.
Digital marketing is an efficient and economical way to communicate with potential buyers.
 Digital marketing could help you increase the public awareness immediately.
Stargazer could:
a)Design suitable digital marketing plan for your company.
b)Build and develop exclusive digital platforms for your company.
c)Responsible for the regular maintenance of platforms mentioned above.
d)Digital platforms includes website, H5, Game, e-learning system, etc.